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Six Recruiting Secrets for 2016

30 Dec


Hoping to get recruited in 2016?  Here are six secrets to help you succeed!

  1. Start Early

When should you get serious about your recruiting process? While it may seem early, putting a process in place in the freshman or sophomore year is important. Success in recruiting requires research, strategy and consistency throughout your high school career. If you try to dial things in during the junior year, when your plate is already be full, it can be incredibly overwhelming and stressful. Furthermore, you will be competing against kids who have been in contact with coaches for several years. Set a plan in motion early!

  1. Study Hard

You have probably heard that academics are an important part of the recruiting process. Your academic performance is just as importance to your future as your athletic talent. Unfortunately, talent without good grades gets you nowhere. When a coach takes an interest in you athletically they will want to know if your grades meet the criteria of their school before moving forward. If the answer is yes, the dialogue continues…if not, then they will move on to the next prospect.

  1. Train with Purpose

I’ve helped hundreds of student-athletes through the recruiting process. Without a doubt, the ones who continue to focus on their training have the most success. They are intent on playing in college and so they have a certain focus and drive. They know they must continue to improve mentally and physically in order to get recruited (and be ready for college level competition. It comes down to desire…how badly do you really want this?

  1. Go to Camp

If you’re a high school aged player, chances are you are being bombarded with invitations to various ID camps. This leads many to question their importance …are they really just “money makers” for the school? While it’s true there is a certain business element to camps, it’s also true that they offer a good chance for athletes to get to know various college programs. If you perform well at camp, there is no doubt this can help you end up on a coaches radar. The secret is to be targeted. Identify camps of schools in which you are very interested and where some dialogue with the coach has already occurred.

  1. Get Feedback

Video is a game changer in the recruiting process and often one of the first pieces of information a coach receives. If your video is good, the conversation will likely continue…if it’s poor, the dialogue may end right there. It’s vital that any footage you share has been edited properly and showcases you in a positive light. Make sure to have someone who is familiar with college level athletics review anything you plan to send.

  1. Be Persistent

Success in recruiting is about sustained effort over a long period of time. Coaches hear from hundreds of kids each year, but it’s the ones that show genuine interest over months or even years that break through. If you write an email and don’t hear back, don’t give up. Think of other strategies to engage the coach, perhaps a follow up email that’s more personalized or updated footage showcasing your abilities on the pitch. There are numerous ways to gain the interest of college coach. Be creative and stick with it!

Want to get a handle on your recruiting process in 2016? Drop me a line with your name, club and year in school and let’s find some time to chat. I’d love to learn more about you and help you find your best college fit.