What are the most important academic factors in the recruiting process? (Part 2)

15 Oct

Your course rigor counts!

Almost as important as your GPA, are the classes you take during high school. Colleges will consider your course schedule otherwise known as your “course rigor” by looking at your school profile. If they see that you have taken the easy route, meaning that you have consistently opted for less challenging classes, that probably won’t work in your favor. This is especially true if you are targeting highly selective colleges who look for students who have performed well in the toughest classes their school has to offer.

This concept shouldn’t be surprise. As a high level athlete, chances are you have consistently looked for a challenging athletic environment in order to develop your game. You know that playing against top competition is key to becoming a top player. College coaches and admissions officers apply a similar logic to your course schedule. They know that if you have taken tough classes in high school, you will be more prepared to meet the demands of college level academics.

Here are three things to remember with regard to your course schedule.

1) Challenge yourself. If you think you can earn an “A” or a “B” in the more challenging class, (Honors/AP) go for it. Colleges are looking for students who show ambition!

2) Get stronger. Taking an increasingly challenging course load, especially during your sophomore and junior years is important. This suggests to colleges that you take your academics seriously!

3) Meet the requirements. In order to compete in D1/D2 athletics, you must meet the NCAA “core course” requirement. Students should meet with an advisor early in their high school career in order to map out a course schedule that sets them up for success. Note that not all courses offered at your high school will count toward the NCAA core course requirement. You can find specific course information for your high school at this link.

Be on the lookout for the final post in this series next week. I will cover academics and standardized tests and how they play a role in the recruiting process.


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