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The most important factor in the recruiting process

30 Jul

What do you think is the most important factor in the college recruiting process?

  1. Your club team and club coach
  2. A comprehensive player profile
  3. An online recruiting service
  4. A well-produced highlight video
  5. Reaching out to college coaches
  6. Attending college showcases & ID camps
  7. Visiting colleges and meeting with coaches
  8. Academics

In truth, these are all important elements and helping families to navigate this maze is what I’m great at.

After working closely with hundreds of student-athletes, I can tell you that there is something that carries even more weight than the items listed above.

The most important factor in the recruiting process is…


It’s about how badly you want to play in college and how badly you want to realize your full potential as an athlete. Desire will motivate you to be proactive in your efforts to engage college coaches. Desire will drive you to train hard to take your game to the next level. And desire will inspire you to challenge yourself in the classroom to get the best grades you can. How successful you are in the college recruiting process has little to do with playing ability, and everything to do with desire.

Many of the kids I work with are not the strongest players on their team. But because of their hunger to succeed, they end up with multiple offers to play college athletics.

In my initial conversation with student-athletes, I make it a point to ask them how important it is to them to play their sport in college. Can they imagine their college experience without their sport? If the answer is that playing collegiate soccer is their dream, then I’m confident we will have a successful journey together.

Because they have the most important ingredient of all…desire.