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The Game Changer

23 Dec

Screen shot 2012-12-23 at 1.12.31 PMWhat’s the most important step in the recruiting process?  There are many, but without a doubt one of most critical is the student-athlete’s recruiting video.

Consider a few quotes from my recent email conversations with college coaches:

“At first glance he seems to be the exact kind of student-athlete we are looking for!  I watched the video and was impressed with his ability…”

“Pete – I watched the video. We would be interested in watching him play and chatting more with him.”

“Pete – I definitely like how he uses the ball.  He collects and distributes easily with a good range of technique on his right foot…I would bring him on the team if he were admitted”

A quality reel is often times the difference maker in the recruiting process.  It can take a player from someone that looks the part on paper, to someone the coach is actually visualizing in their lineup.  While it’s rare that a player will be recruited solely off of video, this certainly can happen.  At minimum, a well made video can be the catalyst that gets the coach to go watch the player live.

Key criteria for the recruiting video:

Quality Footage – Game film shot in HD from an elevated perspective is best.  The player should be easy to identify.  Consult a credible soccer resource to determine if footage showcases the player in a positive light.

Position specific–  Footage should show the player excelling in the part of the pitch where they anticipate being recruited.  Defenders should have footage shutting down their opponents, challenging for the ball in the air, and distributing from the back.  Midfielders should have a combination of plays – defending, distributing & scoring goals.  Forwards should show their attacking skills and of course, plenty of finishing.  Goalkeepers should have a combination of game film and footage from the training ground.

Let it play out- Coaches want to know if the pass, cross or shot hits the mark.  If a player makes a run down the wing, don’t cut right after they hit the ball.  Let the viewer see where the ball ends up.

Front card/end card–  Basic information about the player should appear at the top of the video.  Graduation year, high school/club info, GPA, etc .  End card should contain a player’s email/phone, as well as the contact info of club coach or other references.

Clickable–  As with everything these days, coaches want things made easy for them.  The coach should be able to click a link and watch the video within a matter of moments.  Tedious sign-in processes and password requirements can be a real turn off.

The right length–  Recruiting videos should be 3-6 minutes maximum.  If a coach wants to see more film, they will ask.

Music or no music-  Up for debate- but if a coach watches your video several times (and they often do) then that hip-hop song you love so much might become a tad annoying.

*PG Method offers video services to help student-athletes showcase themselves to collegiate programs.  Most students should have a recruiting video ready at the beginning of their  junior year.  Check out my promo piece here.